Some enemies have a shield which reduces the taken damage but it can be destroyed with most of the special-attacks.

The shield is indicated by a second bar above the enemie's lifebar and has a fast regeneration.

It's strength and regeneration depend on the number of goblins. The data below shows the shield's strength when 4 players are in a run. For each free player-slot the strength of the shield is reduced by 10%. E.g. when there are 2 players in a run, all shield only have 80% of the full strength.

The following enemies have a shield available:

Shield Reg/sec Damage-reduction
Fire Elemental 100 50 50%
Crystal Elemental 200 30 75%
Mud Crab 200 70 75%
Suicide Rat 100 100 100%
Orc Slave 400 120 80%
Elven Warrior Ghost 150 50 70%
Stag Beetle 150 50 75%
Lava Worm 300 80 75%
Elven Prince 500 300 75%


The shield gets broken when reaching zero strength. Due to it's fast regeneration it has to be damaged continuously. Tip: Most weapon-specials can break shields instantly.

When the shield is broken it cannot regenerate. This is indicated by a blue broken shield symbol above the enemy - so it can take damage again.